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At Ramsay Health Care, we stand at the forefront of world-leading innovation in health care to bring our patients a world of benefits. Robotic surgery continues to shape the way in which surgical procedures are performed across Australia.

Robotic surgery offers a minimally invasive approach to surgery allowing specialists to perform complex surgical procedures with increased accuracy and control than is possible through standard operative techniques.

Depending on the robotic system utilised, the technical advantages offered to surgeons can include enhanced visualisation through magnification, greater control and flexibility of instruments or improved precision through imaging and advanced surgical planning.

At Shepparton Private Hospital, we utilise the Goulbourn Valley region’s first robotic surgical assistant for orthopaedic knee surgery.



How the robot works

The robot available at Shepparton Private Hospital supports orthopaedic surgeons in performing total knee arthroplasty (TKA ).

The robot acts as an assistant in the operating room, combining computer navigation, soft tissue, 3D modelling and robotics into a single package. It allows surgeons to plan pre-operatively in 3D where to position the implant, which enhances precision and accuracy.

This system is designed to help your surgeon tailor the placement of knee implants for each individual patient. Data collected before and during surgery is used to ensure implant fit meets the unique specifications of the individual.

While not all orthopaedic surgeries at Shepparton Private Hospital will utilise this robot, the technology adds to the hospital’s suite of surgical options for orthopaedic patients, ensuring patients have access to a range of treatments to suit their needs.

Surgeons who utilise this technology are required to go through specialist training. No additional technology fees are payable by patients. Your orthopaedic surgeon will advise you on whether or not robotic surgery is the right option for you.

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