Shepparton Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

How Doctors Obtain Admitting Rights and Admit Patients

For a General Practitioner to have a patient admitted to Shepparton Private Hospital they must either refer the patient to a specialist credentialed at the hospital or obtain admitting rights with the hospital.

A Directory of Visiting Medical Officers can be found here

In order to obtain admitting rights at Shepparton Private Hospital please contact the Executive Office on 03 5832 1270 for an Application Form and a copy of the Hospital’s By Laws/Rules.

Admitting to Shepparton Private Hospital

Credentialed Specialists Consulting suites and Credentialed GP’s (on request) are supplied with Admission Booklets which are given to patients following consultation. Separate Request for Admission forms are provided to the Doctors.

For Elective admissions, the appropriate sections of the booklet (Registration and Patient History forms) once completed, are to be returned to the hospital by the patient.

A Request for Admission form (including a Consent section) is completed by the by the Doctor requesting admission and forwarded to the Bookings Office.

Admissions staff then processes the forms and the patient is booked in. Patients will be contacted by the hospital with their admission details and given a quote for any out of pocket costs.

For Non Elective admissions, the hospital may be called on 03 5832 1200 to determine bed availability and to give the patient details including:

  • Name, Address & Phone Number of patient
  • Date of Birth
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Orders
  • Admitting Drs name
  • Insurance Status- Insured / Self Insured
  • If admitting from home or another hospital
  • Requirement for an operating theatre

All patients will be required to present insurance details, or pay the estimated cost of their stay if self insured prior to admission.

Workcover and TAC approval must be obtained by the admitting doctor prior to admission.